• Enza Smith MBE

A great job opportunity awaits for the right candidate

Can you give up many years of your life when your life’s dreams are in reach? Can you cancel your ‘you’ time until further notice? Can you stay calm in the most traumatic circumstances? Can you juggle family life with meetings that you don’t want to attend? Can you negotiate ridiculous expectations and demands from petulant adults who are supposed to be parents? Can you keep silent when you are ready to burst with anger/emotions? Can your home become a tardis? Can you upgrade your car out of your own pocket? Can you budget well as this job is not for those who want to live a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade income?

If you have answered yes to the above (plus other questions that we will casually throw in when you think you have got the job sussed) then welcome to Kinship Care, a 24/7 52weeks and up to 18 years of commitment!!

Congratulations you have been chosen to fill the post because:

YOU can put the child first, YOU can love them even on the hardest days when they are acting out, YOU can stand strong and fight their corner, YOU can give mental and emotional first aid age appropriately, YOU can seek help and support from the right channels, stamp your feet and make your presence known, but most of all YOU will love, protect, nurture, value and parent this child(ren) to the best of your ability because YOU are a KINSHIP WARRIOR who will fight to the death to get what YOU need for the good of the child!!!

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