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The temporary and the permanent 🕰

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

"At the very start everything I worried about seems so superficial now" I remember the day LO came to stay almost like I had lived it a 100 times over. Was I prepared? If you class 24 hours notice as prepared, then yes I was prepared. Truth be told I'm not sure I could ever have been prepared for the final outcome. I worried over the simplist of things at the very beginning, things like where will the child sleep? How will I get her to school? These things all seemed like a big deal at the time, but with a sprinkle of hindsight these were very small things in comparison to the bigger picture that was ahead. "I'm overwhelmed, but I won't admit it"

I laid awake at night, giving myself that one-to-one pep talk that I could do this and fit in as a temporary parental figure and make sure that the child was happy.I made that my one mission everything and anything would be about her. "I was so hopeful for LO in the beginning that she would return to her parent" After about a year, i realised this may be a more permanent arrangement. For months I had told myself that it was only for a few months and I was just simply filling in that parental role. "Faced with court orders, it had happened the ever fleeting feeling of reality" I had settled into my new life quite comfortably at this time, LO felt like she belonged and we had shifted from sisters to a more mother and child relationship at times. We faced many issues head on, she had so much faith in me and looked at me like a superhero. I made my decision and my LO became Permanent and so did our future. Today, I feel thankful that I was able to do that, and begin this new chapter. At the very beginning I wish I could of told myself what I know now. If you could go back and give yourself any advice, what would you say to the past you? and when did you realise your LO had become a permanent placement? From your home to mine, may you and your LO be blessed and thank you for reading. Content from:


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