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Are you a grandparent, relative or family friend raising someone else’s child?

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Kinship Carer UK

Kinship Carers UK is a national charity that supports and advises family and friends’ carers often called Kinship Carers or Connected Carers that are thinking or taking on the role of parenting someone else’s child.

Kinship Carers UK is run by professional kinship carers, we’ve walked the path of Kinship Care from many directions. Experience and knowledge have led us to help improve your journey.


Our aim is to build a strong community of kinship carers that can support you from the start to the end of your kinship journey. It does not matter what order you currently have or will have we can support you every step of the way.

Child hugging adult/guardian.

Discover what our Kinship Carers say about their experiences

Without the help and support from Kinship Carers UK, I would be a grandmother without a granddaughter. Kinship Carers provided me with the information and knowledge. They supported me all the way through the lengthy and very emotional court hearings.


The group cocooned me in an envelope of wisdom, love, and genuine concern. They let me know that I am not alone and that if I have a problem or even a question, someone is on the other end of the phone to help me. Kinship Carers UK's Facebook pages have been of great comfort to me, and chatting with other carers across the UK is fantastic, and the safety net of support is amazing.  


Kinship Carers UK is my lifeline to sanity.  I will always be grateful to everyone for their care and support.


When I felt like I was on my own, and no one could possibly understand the emotional turmoil I was going through, the rollercoaster of ups and downs. Then a group of wonderful people entered my life.  They drew me into their midst with such a big group hug that I felt cared for in a way that I haven’t done since I was a child.  When I felt like I was drowning they all swam out to rescue me.  When I felt so low I was at rock bottom they circled me and lifted me back up.  When I felt that the journey was too far for me to travel I looked and they were all at my side.  They didn’t only lift me up, they joined together and held me high.  Without the small, but caring group I wouldn’t be facing the future with such positivity.  Kinship Carers UK, I can’t ever thank you for everything you have done for me.  I give thanks for each and every one of you, every day.  Bless you all.


The support from Kinship Carers UK has been an absolute blessing for our family my wife and myself. It's been extremely difficult to navigate through an unfamiliar system, but their unwavering support, empathy, and expert knowledge from those who have walked our path.

They provided us with more information about the kinship system than our social worker did.  Their support system has been a ray of hope for us, bringing us closer to a community of people who understand what we're going through and inspire us to keep going.

Their knowledge, passion, and ability to inspire us when life is tough cannot be replicated. We have never had such a great experience during such difficult and confusing times, and we're  are forever grateful for their valuable contribution to our lives.


Kinship Carers UK helped us restore normality to our lives. When we took in two vulnerable grandchildren, we sought help everywhere, but we were told that being related, we were not entitled to help. Our health visitor suggested attending a Kinship Carers UK support group, where we can meet others in similar situations.

We gained knowledge and made friends, and we can honestly say that Kinship Carers UK has been a lifesaver for us. We could hardly wait until our next meeting, and we still felt the same years later. We have gained a lot of knowledge and made many friends. We have joined in on their fun events and even joined the Zoom group.

We can honestly say Kinship Carers UK has saved our lives, and their support has kept our family together.


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Joy and Colin's Story

Our Grandchild lost a fantastic Father when he was 5 months old, came to us at 18 months old the first time, and was returned to Mother at 3. A second chance for her.  A traumatic experience for us but more so for the child. 


At 6 our Grandchild  came back to us. Failure had happened again. Once again we were back into the process of securing our Grandchild’s future. While going through the whole process there was no one we knew in our position.


Who could understand how we felt? Who could we talk to? I turned to the internet and found a Group in Worcester. Kinship Carers UK. I spoke to Enza Smith the charities founder, I poured out my inner most feelings.

Kinship Carer Grandparents hugging grand-daughter. Grand-daughter is missing a tooth.
Kinship Carer smiling with one grandson, and hugging another.

Why kinship care families need specialised and consistent support

Stable kinship care families mean less children going into state care.  However, given the multiple challenges they face, they can’t do it without YOUR consistent support.

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