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Professional Insights

What some of our professionals say

Kinship Carers UK is an incredible organisation working tirelessly to ensure that kinship carers are supported, get access to the information they need and are connected with other people who are in a similar situation.

They might be a small charity but they punch above their weight and the impact they are having on the people they support is immeasurable.

- Jude Habib
Director at Sound Delivery Media

The launch of the website ’Kinship Carers U.K.’ is a major contribution to further developments in kinship care. Enza Smith brings a range of direct experiences and insights into the world of children cared for by family members.  For all too long, the focus on care for children has focussed on care by strangers – adoption and foster care.  While this cannot be underestimated for its significance and the contribution that these carers make, the huge presence of kinship care is too often ignored.


The launch of the web site is a major opportunity to correct this in recognising the essence of kinship and I am delighted to offer a warm welcome.

- John Simmonds, OBE
Director of Policy, Research and Development at Coram BAAF

It has been a pleasure to work with Kinship Carers UK. They are welcoming and interested in gaining as much knowledge as possible. I hope we can continue to share our experience in the future.

- Suzanne Lester
Play & Filial Therapist (BAPT) at

Ridley & Hall have always worked very closely with Kinship Carers UK over the years. Kinship Carers UK does fantastic work with families across the country and I have certainly seen the benefits provided to these families after working with the charity. I do not hesitate in pointing my clients in the direction of Kinship Carers UK if they require any emotional support.

- Helen Moody
Solicitor, Ridley & Hall Solicitors

I turned to Kinship Carers UK in 2014 when pre-birth concerns were raised about my grandchild, and I never left. Kinship Carers UK has supported me through 5 sets of court proceedings lasting over 7 years. They were the light through some very dark days and nights. Invaluable, incredible support. I cannot fault them.

Kinship Carers kept me sane and laughing when the behaviour of social workers threatened to tip me into despair.

- Tina
Kinship Carer

It is always a pleasure to work with Kinship Carers UK and to refer clients to them. They provide incredible support to kinship carers who all too often find themselves feeling alone and unsupported. This is an under-resourced area and the volunteers at Kinship Carers UK are doing tremendous work to try and bridge the gap.

- Luke Boxall
Solicitor, Waldrons Solicitors

I have worked voluntarily with KCUK on and off for almost six years. Working closely with a small group to storyboard speeches to be given to local MPs and solicitors to raise the profile of KInship Care. The work they do is invaluable but sadly with little funding means they can't have a dedicated office manager to apply for desperately needed funding to support the outstanding work they tirelessly undertake to help children and their kinship families.

- Joanne Wareham
Bid Manager
Aerospace and Defence Organisation

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