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Kinship Carers UK News & Events

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Cross Party Parliament Task Force

Cross Party Parliamentary Task Force listening to Kinship Carers from across the Midlands, Chaired by Jess Phillips MP & Cathy Ashley Family Rights Group. A Big Thank You to Kinship Carers UK Support Group leaders that attended and the wonderful Kinship Carer who had courage to step up.

Cross Party Parliamentary Kinship Task Force held in Birmingham which was chaired by Jess Phillips MP an inspirational lady who has compassion and cares about Kinship Care enough make a change. It would be lovely to add more MP's to the Task Force.  


New Cross-Party Parliamentary Taskforce on Kinship Care

Anna Turley MP, with the support of  Kinship Care Alliance and Family Rights Group, has set up Parliamentary Taskforce on Kinship Care. The aim is to raise awareness about, and support for, children in kinship care (also known as family and friends care) and to highlight the importance of this option for children who cannot live with their parents.


Click her for a draft letter that kinship carers can use in order to raise the matters that are important to you with your MP.  Once you have added in your details, please email or post it to your MP in order to encourage them to get involved in the Taskforce.


If you are not sure, who your MP is, or do not know their address, you can find it out through this website  


Download template letter for Kinship Carers here.  Please do also copy the letter that you send to your MP and any response that you get to the Taskforce c/o or post these letters to the Parliamentary Taskforce c/o Cathy Ashley, Family Rights Group, Print House, 18 Ashwin Street, London E8 3DL.

Kinship Carers UK Panel

Panel members meeting with MP Nigel Huddleston, we are making a difference for Kinship Carers. 

Kinship Panel meet monthly in Worcester.


If you would like to join us, please go to our contact page

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