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Hello my name is Jane

Face to Face Support Group Leader

I started volunteering for KCUK in 2015 as a face to face support Group Leader and I absolutely love my role.   I am a proud grandmother of 2 boys.  With a wealth of information about the court and assessment process whilst juggling family life, work and volunteering for KCUK.   


I was fortunate to find KCUK when I needed them and found the support I received was invaluable. Fortunately, my circumstances improved and I wanted to give back and support others that are in similar situations.  My aims are to use my experience to lessen the stress and emotional upheaval people find themselves in when their world is turned upside down by their kinship journey.   


What I do 

In a typical week I volunteer for 4 hours a week and once a month for 3 hours where I run a support group. I make sure I am prepared for the support group; I advertise my group and keep in touch with the carers.  I ensure our confidentiality agreements are completed for any new attendees, so that everyone attending understands that they are safe to share their story.   


“A key part of doing this work is being non-judgemental” 


Support groups are for 2 hours, with 30 minutes either end to setup and close down.   Each support group has evolved as time goes by, they become like an extended family and make all new comers feel very welcome.  The information shared in support groups can sometimes be highly emotional, this can be exhausting but also rewarding at the same time, as sometimes just a listening ear can make a difference to the carers that attend. The carers that come seem to really enjoy getting to know each other and sharing their own tips and advice. 


My reward

When seeing the difference, a little support can make to carers and their families, it gives me a massive sense of fulfilment.  I also feel privileged to work with such a great team of volunteers and carers.  It’s lovely meeting the people who use our services I have supported over the years who then go on to use their experiences and knowledge to support others, truly making it a kinship community.  

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