The difference we make

"We would like to share with you comments we have received from kinship carers using our services"

When I felt like I was on my own, and no one could possibly understand the emotional turmoil I was going through, the rollercoaster moods of ups and downs, a small group of people entered my life.  They drew me into their midst with such a big group hug that I felt cared for in a way that I haven’t done since I was a child.  When I felt like I was drowning they all swam out to rescue me.  When I felt so low I was at rock bottom they circled me and lifted me back up.  When I felt that the journey was too far for me to travel I looked and they were all at my side.  They didn’t only lift me up, they joined together and held me high.  Without the small, but caring group I wouldn’t be facing the future with such positivity.  Kinship Carers UK, I can’t ever thank you for everything you have done for me.  I give thanks for each and every one of you, every day.  Bless you all.


Without the help and support from Kinship Carers UK, I would be a grandmother without a granddaughter. 

Kinship Carers provided me with the information and knowledge to apply for an SGO (and to know the difference between the different types of orders available). They supported me all the way through the lengthy and very emotional court hearings.


Once I became a full time kinship carer the group have cocooned me in an envelope of wisdom, love and genuine concern.

They let me know that I am not alone and that if I have a problem, or even just a question, that there is someone on the other end of a phone to help me.


Kinship Carers UK are my lifeline to sanity!  I will always be grateful to everyone for their care and support.



Friendships with people who understand your challenges and can empathise, gaining knowledge, ideas confidence and strength. Knowing there is always someone to lean on at difficult moments.   

I have made some lovely friends who share the same issues. The children also benefit from Kinship Carers UK. You help fight for the rights of other carers. We are at some time or another share the same emotional family traumas. We all understand each other on Kinship matters

Kinship Carers UK have helped us to get our lives back to some normality. We thought we were one of the few grandparents to take in and care full time for two very vulnerable grandchildren. We took them in not knowing anything about the problems they brought with them coming from parents with years of drug and alcohol abuse.The parents were living up far away and never disclosed their address or contact phone number till about five years later we were informed they had split up and the kids were in care. (Aged 5 years and 2 years).


We managed to get them out of care and brought them back to live with us in Worcestershire on a Residence Order. After three months we realised we needed help with these kids as they were nothing like our other five grandchildren that we had helped raise but they are all still living with and are loved by their parents. These two clearly had the worst start in life and we found that they had been in and out of the care system on several occasions. We tried everywhere to get help but even when it looked like we were going to be helped once again the  door was slammed shut firmly in our faces, the message was always the same, your related they are your grandchildren you are not entitled to any physical or financial help.


Finally after twelve months we were right at rock bottom  and with the wife now on anti-depressants in desperation our child health visitor suggested to try attending a Kinship Carers meeting.


We’ve never looked back, finally we had met up with some wonderful people all with similar problems bringing up children/grandchildren with shocking backgrounds (at last we felt normal again and easily fitted in amongst them all)  carefully listening to each other’s problems and so many suggestions of what to try and how to approach the various ever changing problems thrown up on a daily basis. This from the frantic state  we were in , transformed us and immediately lifted a dead weight off of our shoulders and once again we saw a glimpse of a future.


Needless to say we could hardly wait for the month to pass till our next meeting, and we still feel the same some three years on. We have gained so much knowledge and put on various training courses and even been helped to seek out solicitors to try to access some financial help. (That’s work in progress at present because the wheels turn very slowly for 99% of us at Kinship Carers).


We can honestly say Kinship Carers UK have saved our lives


R and L 

Kinship carers offer valuable support for carers and the children they are responsible for. Also finding the training courses on offer invaluable and informative.