Projects we are involved in on behalf of kinship carers within the UK

​Kinship Carers UK are part of the Kinship Care Alliance which are made of of a group of organisations which subscribe to a set of shared aims and beliefs on the issue of family and friends care. We meet regularly to develop a joint policy agenda and agree strategies to promote our aims which are as follows;

  • Prevent children from being unnecessarily raised outside the family

  • Enhance outcomes for children who cannot live with their parents and who are living with relatives

  • Secure improved recognition and support for family and friends carers.

Briefing papers

UW Report on findings from initial research project
  "An exploration of the parenting needs of kinship carers"
 Alison Prowle and Niki Stobbs


This report summarises the findings of research undertaken by the Centre for Early Childhood, University of Worcester into the support needs of kinship carers, with a particular focus upon “parenting” issues.  The report also highlights a number of recommendations for further research and/ or development which arise from the research findings.   Report findings